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The Quicksilver, Maalaea, HI

     more Painted Seahorse mural art on the Quicksilver

     The Casper Family hired me to paint fun Hawaiian reef fish all over their 55 foot power catamaran to entertain guests on their way to and from snorkel spots. It was a fun project, painted under challenging conditions. Each night I would board the boat across a wobbly plank with my paints, brushes and chihuahuas. Through the night, under dim lighting, Maalaea-strength winds and the rocking of the harbor I painted some of my favorite underwater friends. At 2 or 3 in the mornining I would have to stop in order to give the paints a fleeting chance to dry before the morniing crew showed up at 5:30am.

     My final evening of painting was on March 11th, 2011. I knew something was gravely wrong when the Coast Guard, in the adjacent slip started feverishly loading their boats with generators, SPAM and their personal pets. The tsunami had struck Japan hours earlier and Hawaii was just beginning to brace for impact. I got off the boat as the civil defense sirens were blaring and the boat's captain and crew were throwing off the lines, heading out for deep water. I wished them luck and asked them (in the midst of a natural disaster) to mind the wet paint. The dock and harbor sustained major damage, but thankfully the painted fish were unscathed.

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