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Erica Danielle Franz


Erica Franz, a self-taught expressionist works in ink, acrylic and watercolor, often integrating crayola, spray paint and collage in order to achieve a lush and vivid visual prose.  She usually begins with the good intentions of an animal, figure or landscape but quickly departs from the subject to explore color, edge, shape and texture. Her work is not limited to the canvas; she paints large murals, furniture, boats and cars too.

Erica grew up in the Hudson River Valley. She began drawing, painting and exploring immediately after discovering her opposable thumbs. Erica received her BS from Cornell University and promptly ran away to Maui to recover. On Maui, Erica furthered her boating career, earning her 100 ton master's license in 2003. Despite this credential, Franz now spends her time on dry land in her fabulous Upcounty studio.


 All images are the exclusive property and copyright © of Erica Franz