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Transform Your Home   

 Hand-painted custom murals, just for you!


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When you step into a muraled room,

the very atmosphere around you is charged with

creativity and possibility.

You are instantly transported into...


a tropical jungle, a secluded beach shack, a princess palace, the coral reef, ancient ruins, the end of the rainbow, the rings of Saturn, the old west, a bat cave, Monet’s garden, a hot-air balloon, the barrel of a killer wave, a football stadium, a zoo, a circus, a racecar track, a dragon’s lair, an enchanted forest, a spaceship, your favorite book, a bird’s nest high above the ground, a pirate ship, an igloo, a tree-house, a concert hall, a mermaid’s sandcastle, the World Series, a teddy-bear tea party, the land of dinosaurs, a rodeo, a half-pipe, the belly of a whale, a horse show, a shipwreck, the eye of a storm, a cascading waterfall, the land of sugar plum fairies, ladybug land, a field of golden sunflowers, the moon, a country garden, a super duper secret hideaway, a French bistro, a snow-covered mountain, outer-space, under-water, inside-down and up-side out!


Every mural is unique. No two rooms are the same.

No space is too big or too small.

Beautiful artwork can be created with any budget.

Erica will work with you and with her designs

to find the perfect balance for your needs.

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Your artwork is a reflection of your personality

and wildest dreams! Let Erica's imagination

and experience bring them to life!



Erica will meet with you to discuss the project at length.
We'll brainstorm the places, colors and feelings that make you happiest.

Feel free to gather up material in preparation for our first meeting.
A favorite book, quilt, pet, baseball card, photograph, stuffed animal or magazine
clipping gives Erica an ideal jumping-off point for imagination!

*After your initial meeting, Erica will draw up sketches to determine the the design,

 color-scheme and layout that's perfect for you.

*Erica will provide you with an inclusive price along with the sketches.

*The average four wall mural takes 5-15 full on-site days to complete.

*Erica uses only high-quality non-toxic latex and acrylic paint.



Start the process today!
Contact Painted Seahorse
808-214-7259 or

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