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The Beginning, movie by Joshua Greenberg

Aloha, E komo mai. Welcome to Vivo Fine Art, Woodstock, New York

I would like to tell you a story, about the ecology of this space and the amazing people who have assembled to create an ideal artists’ habitat.

The story begins, 20 years ago, when Jennifer Glickman and I met at HHS. Fast forward to the Facebook revolution and a fast 2009 reunion in New Orleans, where I met Jenn’s dedicated boyfriend,  Marco Fererro.

Exactly one year later, Jenn’s desire for a painted table and a larger wild idea, prompted a quick overnight to Woodstock, to check out a barn with “potential”.

Less than 2 weeks later, my boyfriend, Josh and I left Maui and returned to Woodstock to create Vivo… that was June 2nd, this is day 53.

Now, transforming this historic structure into a working artist’s studio and gallery space with plumbing and electricity all while using it, as a working studio and creating over thirty original pieces required a lot of local businesspeople, encouragement and the assembly of a dream team. !!Team Vivo!!

Enter Robert George, aka Woodstock Bob, our muse. Bob introduced us to Master Carpenter Bruce Brammer the Hammer and his son Will, as well as Jack and Pete.

In the 100+ degree heat wave, our plumber Charlie came all the way from Liberty New York to join the team. Philip Badger and his son Matt were drafted by Bruce and Bob, for Team Vivo to perform a quadruple electric by-pass on the barn.

Our publicists, Julia and Weston have been invaluable in their advice and encouragement. The Guys next door, at Catskill, generously let us use the bathroom for the first month and a half and have been cheering us along at every step.

Larry came in from Nantucket, to shoot the art and create our website,

My mother, made several Friday treks up to Woodstock to help paint the floor, the walls, and assemble our lighting.

Paul, Ellen, Mary, and Tom, from the town of Woodstock, have opened their welcoming arms to us with True Aloha.

Arriana cooked us balanced meals, to compliment the pastry artwork from Jabelli Bakery and Bread Alone. And Jacque showed up just in time to set the stage.

Additionally, Master Paint Mixer Michelle and Randy, at True Value, Anthony and his team at Woodstock hardware, Sarah at Still life Mercantile, the WDST DJ’s and the girls at Catskill Mountain Pizza have all been indispensible elements in creating a habitat for Josh and I to create Art.

Speaking of which, I am humbled to be standing in front of all of you, all of you who have come to celebrate art and life. The furniture that I paint is intended to bring people together at meals, in conversation, in debate, in life, in Vivo…

I am honored to be sharing this gallery space that we are so proud of, with the enchanting artwork of Issac Abrams, Jill Standford, and Calleen Welles.

On a final Note, there are two people whose vision, courage, patience, and dedication to ART, have completely overwhelmed me, Jennifer and Marco have put everything on the line for ART and I am staggered by their commitment, not just to myself and Josh, but to the future of Woodstock and the rebirth of this......

Colony Of the Arts

Vivo Fine Art,  opening reception, July 24, 2010